Christmas books

Christmas is upon us and I am yet to reread Christmas Carol…but I’ve been pondering a few other things. There is an impressive list by ProWritingAid team here:

I am reading things off this list and just some thoughts.

And also, I want to wish everyone a Happy Christsmas / Happy Holidays / Season’s Greetings.

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The Illustrated Man

I’ve read Cormac McCarthy’s the Road – I really am rather taken with it, it is dreamlike, drearily poetic and bleak but I loved the father and son, very much so. In that bleak, dead world they are two figures who bring colour into it. The boy is meant to be more, I guess, a symbol of renewing love and forgiveness. He is decidedly opposed to his father resorting to violent means – which he does to protect the boy. Great contrast there, I thought, i loved them and felt for them. I couldn’t pick up another thing for a bit but after moping around for some 48 hours, I decided to get on with Bradbury’s The Illustrated Man.

Curious premise. A man whose skin is full of pictures that come alive at night. He has stories in them.

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Personal little islands of knowledge

This is a post I imported from another site, published in March 2018, under a different title – Why collecting may help me stay motivated. 

I’m a fan of collecting things. In a world where we are increasingly flooded by information, often interesting, it is important to curate your own selections as far as I’m concerned. I like to collect things of interest to me. Keep them. Not all. Have to be selective. But collecting also has this social dimension – for sharing and connecting.
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