Flying solo in Lublin, Poland

It’s been a busy month; after finishing my second book for the year – Stephen King’s THe Stand, I have gone on a short reading break. My current mood has taken me back to gaming temporarily.

In the meantime, just here to share a new Bored Panda post on Lublin, Poland. It uses some of my photos and I’m kind of happy about it too. Lublin is a lovely city, really.


Beaus and double buses

I think that any city is most of all about the daily lives of people who live in it because they form its living and ongoing story. I believe little everyday moments constitute as much a part of the living history of the city as any significant event. The small moments, in fact, personalise it somehow – because they do make a place our own, in a way. The way we live, where we go, what we do, who we meet… create our memories associated with a given location.  Memories are often strongly connected with places and micro-places within one city and that, in turn, somehow builds up the fabric of the city’s ongoing history. I figure it may be a good idea for me to retain such moments, no matter what they are and try to keep it real. Lublin is a beautiful city and I feel safe here but as in any city various things happen.

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Three plagues at Galeria Labirynt in Lublin

Three plagues, three contagions, threaten the world. The first is the plague of nationalism. The second is the plague of racism. The third is the plague of religious fundamentalism. All three share one trait, a common denominator – an aggressive, all-powerful, total irrationality – R.Kapuściński, here cited after Galeria Labirynt’s homepage [see below for  the link].

This is the inspiration for an exhibition called Three Plagues that I went to see the other day
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The Jagiellonian Fair 2018

Here’s a short, 3-minute video featuring the Jagiellonian Fair 2018. It was vibrant, colourful and very educational, as always. Tradition is about people with passion and the Fair is an opportunity to meet people with genuine passions, crafts passed down from generation to generation. The artists teach us a lot about crafts and authenticity. Lublin fills with colour and warmth during those days.

I look forward to this year’s edition, which takes place between 16-18 August 2019.