Bring a lovey festival of traditional music home

Something else today as a new album of traditional music from the Lublin region is out, here’s what it offers.

The Jagiellonian Fair – re:tradition is an annual festival of traditional music and culture held in Lublin, Poland. This popular and well-received event takes place every August and introduces the broader public to musical and crafting traditions of Poland and Central-East Europe. The new album, “Open Session”, released on 1 February allows listeners to bring home a tiny part of the festival and bask in the warmth of an August evening even in the middle of winter.

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Flying solo in Lublin, Poland

It’s been a busy month; after finishing my second book for the year – Stephen King’s THe Stand, I have gone on a short reading break. My current mood has taken me back to gaming temporarily.

In the meantime, just here to share a new Bored Panda post on Lublin, Poland. It uses some of my photos and I’m kind of happy about it too. Lublin is a lovely city, really.


Beaus and double buses

I think that any city is most of all about the daily lives of people who live in it because they form its living and ongoing story. I believe little everyday moments constitute as much a part of the living history of the city as any significant event. The small moments, in fact, personalise it somehow – because they do make a place our own, in a way. The way we live, where we go, what we do, who we meet… create our memories associated with a given location.  Memories are often strongly connected with places and micro-places within one city and that, in turn, somehow builds up the fabric of the city’s ongoing history. I figure it may be a good idea for me to retain such moments, no matter what they are and try to keep it real. Lublin is a beautiful city and I feel safe here but as in any city various things happen.

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