Book Bingo 2020

The Categories

Icy – A book that takes place in snowy winter, a story featuring a cold-hearted character, or a chilling tale
Landscape – A book whose setting is vital to the story 
Novella – Shorter than a novel, but longer than a short story
Harlem Renaissance – A book written by a Harlem Renaissance author 
Longing – A story filled with yearning, desire, or wistfulness 
Lies & Deception – A book with lies, so many lies. Or a book that deceived you.
Expectations – A story of fulfilled or thwarted expectations, or a book that failed to meet your expectations 
Underdog – A book about a character who defies the odds
Personal Growth – Self-improvement: pragmatically or spiritually
Long Haired Author – A book by an author who has (or had) long hair
A Friend’s Suggestion – Ask a friend what you should read next
Podcast – Listen to a serial podcast or read a book written by a podcaster
Carnegie Medal Nominee – A book nominated for the Carnegie Medal
Modern Classic – A contemporary book that will stand the test of time
Road Trip – Wanderlust, restlessness, desperation, quest? A book with a road trip in it
Olympic Sport – A book with a character who participates (at any level) in a sport featured in the Olympics
Checklist – A book you’re checking off your list, or a book containing a checklist for a better life
South America – A book written by a South American author or a book that takes place in South America
Back to School – A story with a school setting
Love – A book that illustrates love 
Native American – A character or an author who is Native American
Horror – A story that inspires a feeling of dread
Political – Election year! Read something political
Memoir – A nonfiction personal account based on the author’s experience
Indulge – The hot fudge of reading: all pleasure, no virtue