A short story: Two Turtle Doves

Suicidal teenager Rich Anthony was on his way to step in front of an express train when he spots a battered acoustic guitar left outside an Oxfam shop. Intrigued, Rich postpones his plans, takes the guitar home and teaches himself to play.
What happens next changes his life.

You can read it here: https://www.close2thebone.co.uk/wp/tw…

This is a really good short story with a simple and very effective delivery like a yarn of an old musician, but with brutal content, the story asks about how far obsession can go. And what’s the price to pay for both fame and revenge, for getting what you want.

The story follows a young bullied kid from a difficult environment as he gets his hands on a very special guitar teaches himself to play. It begins as a sort of memoir that does remind me of the stories of so many rock stars recalling their youth and road to stardom. However,along the way things happen, convenient coincidences…and the story takes on a very, very brutal turn. And all we hear is the ominous “everyone pays their bills on Fridays”. It is, in fact, like a Faustus of the music world- this idea attracted me to the story to begin with and it delivered! Between simple and brutal, realistic and fantastic, it’s a read with a great concept and central question. And the ending bit – I love such endings.

Also, proud to say this is my fifth review for Henry Roi Book Tours – which marks my entry into the leading reviewer range. Very happy and thank you Blackthorn and other Tours by Henry Roi

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