Food (I)

In all my “meandering”, I am trying to maintain a fairly balanced diet and keep away from ( all the toxic) fabricated sweets which for the major part of my life had me totally addicted  as I tended to binge devour them to eat my problems and anxieties away.

As a result I had ended up in a very bad place and had to work to change it. I still have a sweet tooth but making things yourself is, obviously,  better since you control what you add. Here’s something that works very well as a second breakfast for me.

I try to eat five varied meals a day, every 2-3 hours and this has really helped me go down from 85 kg to 60 in about 10 months, with moderate excercise of course (losing, on average 0,5 – 1 kg per week, sometimes more with extra exercise)  – I had been dangerously obese for my height (156 cm) and it was starting to really weigh down on me in so many ways.  Keeping to this regular meal schedule helps me keep the weight as well. I still need to go down a few notches but I feel a lot better nowadays, it’s an amazing feeling, a  fantastic success for me, and while I still have many things I need to tweak, do you know what was the first best thing that made me happy? The DIFFERENCE. I had been unable to walk very long distances or just stand for too long because my poor joints couldn’t carry my obese body and they hurt and I knew it was dangerous for so many reasons. I had been stupid enough to let it happen, gorging on the worst possible things without much thought  and now I’m happy I was able to turn it around.  I walk a lot more, longer and happier for it. Anyway,  for sweet tooth what works as a quick and nice fix for me is very simple:

  •  natural, unsweetened yoghurt
  •  half a spoon / spoon of  good cocoa
  • nuts / oatsmeal, banana is great with this, since when it’s mixed in, it makes it more creamy too.Just mix it together. It’s an incredibly simple thing but it’s great. You can add a drop or so of honey to make it a little sweeter, nuts or oats are great with this and it works superbly with a banana. Plenty possibilities, with things like this anything you fancy works pretty much.

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