Started watching Maniac on Netflix. The show seems to be built on a rather strong and interesting premise and explores a number of interesting ideas focused around connectedness / disconnecteness from others, facing one’s own demons, truth, vs appeareances, psychotherapy and even emotional computers. Dark comedy and interesting story material combine to create a well-crafted, thought-provoking series.

The central protagonists are dealing with personal problems and are not doing well. One is dealing with the aftermath of a tragedy, another, a diagnosed shizophrenic, is to testify for his brother in a trial.  Lacking connection to another person, they both end up as test subjects for a clinical trial, something of a revolutionary therapy to help change their lives. They are to face three stages, during which they confront themselves in a number of scenarios. I am quite in awe of Owen. He struggles with himself and those around him who try to use him. But in the end, he stands up to himself and for what he thinks is right. He goes through quite a journey.

I like this because it’s  story-rich, intriguing and thoughtful. It’s not a one-time watch, either, I think. I don’t watch many series because they seem a little vacuous but not this one or Black Mirror, another reflection-friendly and attention-grabbing Netflix show.  These must be my two favourite shows on Netflix at the moment.


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