I like beginnings. The sense of starting afresh, with a clean slate. I’ve had many such beginnings, especially with blogs. It’s nice to have a clean slate, there is a sense of anticipation connected with it, a sense of many possibilities to come, like an empty page, yet to be filled with words. I like that feeling.

But it’s time to settle. I need to consolidate and put all the blogging I’ve done in one place. I am an English major, my interests revolve around games, classic literature, anime, movies and festivals / broadly defined culture and languages, predominantly English. I will write comments, reviews, impressions, most frequently on a specific title or event. I will journal about them, then look for contexts. I find joy in recording a process, not just presenting the final result.  Often, I first focus on single trees and don’t see the forest. It takes time to see a forest. I look for stories across all media. There’s a story to be had everywhere and I believe all media can be good for storytelling.

Challenge: Take a year to nominate ten “greatest” poems of all time

I have been issued a challenge: to name 10 greatest poems / poetical works of all time (no limits to countries or languages) – according to me, excluding any methodological bias I might have.  I have a year for that. The challenge is on! I find it a little tough because I have largely focused on prose  (I prefer prose) and neglected poetry. So in order to tackle this challenge I will have to go and read. I am thankful for it. in the end, it will serve my development. In the meantime, I am also busy with other things.

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