Margot Meanders

Language professional

She/Her. I blog about various things without limiting myself to anything in particular. I’m a dreamer and something of a flâneur of the imagination and the internet – I roam and skip from one association to another, I surf the web. There are things like images, books, games (though I have a dedicated blog for gaming) I am curating for myself – and want to share. There are places and people to remember – I might fictionalise them a little. I am an aspiring writer so someday I hope to write a full standalone piece. I want to talk about Lublin in Poland too. I probably don’t have an overall clear direction just yet. But is the road meant to be known? I’d rather hope to enjoy it as it unfolds. I tried my hand at a literary PhD but stepped away from it. Furthermore, I need time to figure out what I want to say and want my work to be born of passion, not an academic exercise in verbal diarrhoea.

I look for stories – for reading/playing/watching
and my own – to write down.

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